Regulations on holding of the International Violin Competition "Auer. The Heritage"
1.1. This provision regulates the procedure, conditions and timing of the International Violin Competition "Auer. The Heritage " (hereinafter referred to as the " Competition "), as well as the requirements for the Competition participants and the criteria for selecting the winners of the Competition.
1.2. The founder of the Competition is Musical Commonwealth "Sinfonietta of St. Petersburg".
1.3. The artistic director of the Competition is People's Artist of Russia Mikhail Gantvarg.
1.4. Competition Venue: The Russian Federation, Saint Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect, 41, Palace of the Princes Beloselsky-Belozersky.
1.5. Dates of the Competition: September 14 - 21, 2018.
1.6. Age of the Competitionants: 15 - 28 years at the time of the opening of the Competition.
1.7. Application form for participation in the Competition has to be sent to the Competition Organizing Committee (hereinafter - Organizing Committee), through the form published on the official website of the competition:

2.1. Musicians from all countries can take part in the Competition.
2.2. To participate in the Competition, it is necessary to fill out the Participant Application form on the website (hereinafter - Application) before August 15, 2018, which includes:
- biography of the participant;
- the competitive program with exact information on authors and pieces to be preformed, their opus, key and timing;
- a link to the video recording of the selection round program, posted on YouTube, Yandex.Drive, Google Drive, Vimeo.

2.3. When filling out an application on the Competition site, it is also necessary to attach a link to the following documents in electronic form:
- art photo of the participant not less than 3Mb;
- scanned copy of the participant's passport;
- Concert repertoire of the participant, performed during the season 2017/18, whith indication of date and place of the performance, if possible.
2.4. The application must be completed in English or Russian. Incomplete applications are not to be considered. Candidates should keep copies of all materials sent together with the completed application. Materials sent to the Competition are not returned.
2.5. The application deadline is August 15, 2018.
2.6. The Organizing Committee reserves the right to ask the candidates for additional information.
2.7. The decision on admission to participate in competitive auditions will be notified by the Organizing Committee no later than September 1, 2018. All participants will receive an official invitation by e-mail.

3.1. The competition consists of a qualifying round and competitive auditions (three rounds).
3.2. The selection round is conducted by a special jury headed by the Artistic Director of the Competition on the basis of the sent recordings. Participants of the Competition are determined by the results of the selection round.
3.3. To participate in the third round (finals) of the Competition no more than 8 participants will be admitted.
3.4. The Competitionants will be provided with rehearsal rooms for individual classes before each round and time for acoustic rehearsals on the stage of the concert hall in accordance with the schedule of rehearsals.
3.5. Competitionants can come to the Competition with their accompanists, which should be indicated in the Application.
3.6. If desired, Competitionants may be given accompanists for the programs of the first and second rounds, which should be indicated in the Application.
3.7. The Competitionants will be provided with rehearsal rooms and time for acoustic rehearsals before each tour on the stage of the concert hall where the Competition will be held.
3.8. The order of the Competitionants' performances is determined by drawing lots and is maintained throughout the Competition. However, the Chair of the jury may decide to change the order of the performances due to the illness of the Competitionant or other force majeure circumstances.
3.9. The order of the performed pieces is determined by the Competitionants independently.
3.10. Listening Competitionants are held publicly.
3.11. All pieces are to be performed by heart, except the sonata in the program of the second round.
3.12. The results of each round of the Competition are announced upon its completion.
3.13. The competition is held in accordance with the schedule published on the site of the Competition.
3.14. Finalists of the Competition and their accompanists will be obliged to take part in the closing ceremony of the Competition and the concert of laureates on September 21, 2018.

4.1. Selection round (conducted by recordings): a program of the participant's choice, including:
- a virtuoso piece or a part of a concert for violin and orchestra by composers of the XIX - XX centuries. The time limit for the entire selection round program is from 5 to 20 minutes.
4.2. The First round. Solo program.
1. Optional:
a) J. S. Bach Sonata in G minor for violin solo, Adagio and Fugue;
b) J. S. Bach, Sonata in A minor for violin solo, Grave and Fugue;
c) J. S. Bach, Sonata in C Major for Solo Violin, Adagio and Fugue.
2. N. Paganini, one of the caprices of op. 1.
3. Any composition arranged for violin by L. Auer or any of Auer's pupil with a duration of 5-10 minutes.
4.3 The Second Round:
1. Sonatas for violin and piano of choice from the standard repertoire, such as following: L. van Beethoven, J. Brahms, E. Grieg, R. Schumann, S. Franсk, С. Debussy, M. Ravel, S. Prokofiev, D. Shostakovich, B. Bartok.
2. A virtuoso piece lasting 8-20 minutes.
4.4 The third round (finale) - performance of a concert with an orchestra: Concerto for violin and orchestra by composers of 19 - 20 centuries from standard reperoire.
4.5 The Organizing Committee of the Competition reserves the right to agree with the participant the program of the final and second rounds before the results of the qualifying hearings were announced.

5.1. The jury of the Competition assigns the title of laureates of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Prize of the Leopold Auer International Violin Competition.
5.2. Depending on the decision of the jury, the laureates participate in the closing Gala of the Competition.
5.3. The results of the Competition are announced on the last day of the auditions.

6.1. The performance of the participants is assessed by an international jury consisted of the well-known violinists directly representing the pedagogical heritage of the of Leopold Auer's school.
6.2. The Chair of the jury is People's Artist of Russia, Professor M. Gantvarg.
6.3. The Jury of the Competition has the right:
- to award not all the prizes;
- to award special and incentive prizes and diplomas.
6.4. The jury's decision is final and not subject to revision.

7.1. Performances of the Competitionants are evaluated according to the following indicators:
a) overall quality of performance;
b) intonational and rhythmic accuracy;
c) the conformity of performance to the style of the performed work;
d) a variety of sounds;
e) sound quality;
f) virtuosity;
g) Performing freedom;
h) individuality, temperament;
i) the overall impression of the game.

8.1. The prize fund of the Competition is distributed as follows:
- 1st Prize: 5,000 US dollars;
- 2nd Prize: 3,000 US dollars;
- 3rd Prize: 2,000 US dollars.
8.2. The winner of the first prize is eligible to be a jury member of the next Competition.
8.3. It is also possible to award incentive prizes.
8.4. All taxes to be paid on the territory of Russia in accordance with the current law are paid by the winners.

9.1. By registration, the participant declares that no third party acknowledges any copyright and / or other legal rights to video, audio and other materials created in the course of the Competition.
9.2. All tours of the Competition can be broadcast live and recorded for subsequent broadcasts and publications on audio and video media. The competition will be fully or partially available for viewing over the Internet.
9.3. Exclusive right to audio and video recording of performances of the Competition participants, all concerts within the framework of the Competition and master classes of invited musicians, as well as their distribution and use for advertising and methodological purposes, including their broadcasting in paid cable television networks (without income from the organizers) belongs to the organizer of the Competition.
9.4. The participant of the Competition transfers his rights for broadcasting and distribution of materials to the Directorate of the Competition on a gratuitous basis and for an unlimited period of time.
9.5. The Directorate of the Competition has the right to broadcast the auditions of the Competition and the final concert on radio, television and the Internet (without an additional fee to participants).

10.1. To carry out the preparatory work and control compliance with the provisions of these Regulations, the Organizing Committee (hereinafter - the Organizing Committee) is established, which includes representatives of the Founder of the Competition, the organizers and the artistic director of the Competition.
10.2. The artistic director has the decisive right to determine the participants of the Competition following the results of the selection round.
10.3. The Organizing Committee of the Competition provides grounds for rehearsals, accompanist and performance with the necessary design of the stage, participation of the symphony orchestra, conductor in the third round and the gala concert of the Competition, TV and radio broadcasts of the Competition, as well as technical and household riders of the Competition.
10.4. The right to resolve disputable issues belongs to the Chair of the Organizing Committee.

11.1. Travel expences to / from St. Petersburg, accommodation and meals of the Competitionant and his accompanist are to be payed from the participant's funds.
11.2. Participants of the Competition who require a visa to the Russian Federation must independently apply to the nearest Russian consulate for visa processing. The Organizer of the Competition draws up and sends out an official invitation for the Russian visa to the Competitionants. The costs associated with issuing a visa, the Competitionants pay for themselves.
11.3. The organizer does not provide participants of the Competition with any types of insurance.
11.4. The participants of the Competition who arrived to participate in the Competition and refused their performances shall take care of all expenses for their stay and travel.